Connecting studios who have too many developers with those who have too few

SupplyDrop is a matchmaking platform designed to help game studios build better, stronger and more stable teams by solving the inherent ramp-up and ramp-down problem in the industry.

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Whether you need to find short-term work for developers in your studio between projects, or to find external developers to help you complete your project on time, SupplyDrop is the go-to platform to help broaden your search worldwide.

We can dramatically broaden your reach to help survive the ramp-up and ramp-downs that projects go through, giving you more power to keep your team together.

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Find Developers

Looking like you might not reach that next milestone due to team illness or unexpected hiccups? Your network of friends and freelancers are too busy? Then there’s another studio out there who may have the skills you need!

Place Developers

Have some people with downtime before the next project goes into full production? Next project is signed but only starts in a couple months? Then easily find some work to help you through the tough times without having to let any of the team go!

Save Time

Reaching out to your network to see if people are available, or travelling to find co-dev work to bridge the gap between projects is stressful and time consuming. SupplyDrop allows you to reach a worldwide network without leaving your office.

I think that SupplyDrop could finally be the solution that studios around the world have been looking for. A platform that helps studios that are having a difficult time adding short-term game dev help, or retaining current staff after a cancellation, and it brings us closer together – making the community stronger.

John RomeroPresident, Romero Games (Creator of Doom)

SupplyDrop is addressing a real need in the market. Having been on both the developer as well as the publisher side of the industry, I know how hard it is to be able to find the perfect match for both. Having a trusted source adding credibility is a welcome addition to the equation. In addition to this, being able to help each other out is something we have been talking about with other studios for quite a bit. It will add much-needed flexibility to our business and could make a big difference.

Kay GruenwoldtCEO, Paladin Studios

As a videogame agency, we connect people. Connecting people and generating new opportunities for our clientele is our primary objective and SupplyDrop is simply an extension of what we do at DDM - enabling game developers to develop their most ambitious games and having their backs covered, when challenges occur. It's where, when these challenges like understaffing and/or a lack of the right disciplines kick in, SupplyDrop shines. It therefore proves to be an invaluable platform for every development studio in the industry…

Maarten de KoningPartner, DDM

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